Nov. 15th, 2008

Be back later

Off to protest hate, in the wind, with my camera. Will share later.

Apr. 7th, 2008

Weekend and writing

Cut because it's a tad long )

Aug. 20th, 2007

Random thoughts

Spent Saturday cleaning house, then had a friend of my mother's who is a real estate agent come over and look at it. Thankfully, there's really not a lot of hard/expensive work to do if I want to get it ready to sell. Mostly painting, some furniture moving, and window decorating. Unless something drastic happens, I can probably have the monstrosity on the market by mid-Fall.

Just have to make enough to cover the mortgage and HELOC, and have enough left over to put a huge down payment on another place so I can keep the mortgage reasonable. *crosses fingers*

Did several things Sunday, including a wafer change that was rather unexpected. :-p I still have an easier time with the adhesives and such than my uncle does, but that doesn't make it pleasant when I have to fiddle with pastes and powders and scissors and crap. But I'm having to change them less often, so I guess I'm doing something right.

I baked cookies! The flour bag has a nice, easy recipe that makes ones that are nearly impossible to screw up. Believe me, I've tried. One batch I forgot to get vanilla extract (I just added more chocolate chips to cover it), and this last time I forgot the baking soda (whoops). Both times they came out quite edible.

I took the cookies and my computer tool kit to the new offices for Project Pet and helped them by setting up four computers. They're planning to drill some holes in some of the desks, and at least one office needs a network jack installed, so I told them to let me or my parents (who are building up the cat rooms) know and I'll come back and finish up.

Then spent the rest of Sunday making Diablo my bitch, and moving into Act 5.

Today I've already called the city's waste water department to come and look and their pipes (again...), there's a lot of gurgling going on (as usual). I also need to try to look up and see if I can remember the name of the orthopedist who looked at my shoulder a couple of years ago, because I've just about taken all the Vicodin Mom let me borrow and I'm still in a LOT of pain. :-p Since I can't have an MRI due to the pacemaker, he'll probably want to do something surgical. :-p Might as well do it now, while I've got the insurance maxxed out. ;-)