Dec. 10th, 2009

For [info]thesevensins

I did this last year... November tends to really, really, really suck mentally for me, then I bounce back.

Title: (untitled)
Prompt: 05. Wrath
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for pre-game Final Fantasy X
Word count: 260
A/N: Definition from Wikipedia: inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. In its original form, the sin of wrath also encompassed anger pointed internally rather than externally.

Feb. 17th, 2009

Writing update

- I have one to write (22nd) and one to post (23rd) for [info]areyougame (FF VII/IX crossover)
- Need to pick a prompt for the next [info]roads_diverged and just write the damn thing instead of just thinking about writing it (DMC)
- Start on the Pride prompt for [info]thesevensins (FF X)
- Tangent to writing, but still important to my writing process: put together Maria's soundtrack and start listening to it (DMC)

That should get me to the end of February