Jun. 12th, 2008

Bunch of writing updates

1) Four drabbles for [info]ffvii_100: Instant Turnaround, Should Be Obvious, Concept Model, and We're Glad You Agree. I think I have one more, we'll see if I can get it written.

2) Faraway, Close By for the Spingkink prompt Harry Potter, Luna/Ginny: dreams - "You can take yourself to another place.". 100 words, rated G. Cross-posted to [info]all_fiction.

3) [info]porn_battle will stop taking prompts today, and OMG you people are KILLING ME! There is a lot of awesomeness in there, go contribute!

4) Only a couple of days left to submit for [info]areyougame. I gave them a ton of cracky crossovers yesterday, so if you want more normal stuff, you'd better go submit it yourself. ;-)

5) Still no new things for the last Springkink prompt or my 6 [info]kinkfest prompts... *sigh*