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Apr. 8th, 2009

Quick and dirty update

What I've been up to )

Apr. 5th, 2009

The boys approve of the new windows

Hey, can we go out there Mom? )

Apr. 3rd, 2009

I'm starting to reclaim myself and my house

Random navel-gazing here )

Jan. 5th, 2009

Project 365 Day 5

What I come home to every day )

Jan. 3rd, 2009

Project 365 Day 3

Where I'm about to be )

Oct. 18th, 2008

Things to do today

Cut because it's a tad long )

I'm sure I'm forgetting something... oh yeah! Drink vodka and catch up on my grossly neglected NetFlix watching. ;-)

Sep. 21st, 2008

House cleaning

Oi... it's amazing, I now have a really really good camera, I want to take pictures, and I suddenly realize this house is a complete disaster. Time to clean it up, one room at a time (less overwhelming that way).

Aug. 16th, 2008

Third writing bit for the day

In between playing Okami and wondering where the heck the rest of my books are...

Title: Not What a Savior Is
Rating: G
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Char/Pair: Nero, Dante, others
Prompt: Savior
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for Devil May Cry 4
W/C: 248
A/N: Game script from

Second scribble of the day

Title: (untitled)
Rating: G
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Char/Pair: Hojo
Prompt: Alchemy
W/C: 136

Not sure how many more... I put together a bookcase, and now my hands are killing me. :-p

Jul. 17th, 2008

I can has AC?


In fact, I think I need to go check the temp, because it's getting cool in here!

Writing and house and pain

Ugh. Didn't sleep well, arthritis is acting up. I cannot wait until this is done with.

Title: Burning
Rating: PG
Warnings: Underaged (by American standards) drinking
Word count: 158
[info]areyougame Prompt: July 17 - Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Vaan: inebriated - the boy was adorable when filled with spirits
A/N: Definitely not my best writing. Balthier just comes across wrong. Ah well, learn from it and move on. Crossposted to [info]skypirates

Jul. 16th, 2008

Tweak says, "Gonna make you sweat!"

Tweak is scarily relevant. o_0

Kitties have been taken to Mom's so they don't freak out while the workers are here.

Working from home list ready to be done.

I have cold drinks (mostly non-alcoholic).

I have ice cream, and I'm not afraid to use it. ;-)

Now I just need this to actually START so I can get over it. :-p

PS: All my chatters are on (GTalk, AOHell, MSN, Yahoo), so feel free to drop a line. ;-)

Jul. 4th, 2008

House cleaning part done

Stick a fork in me... )

House cleaning part 5

The room you live in )

House cleaning part 4

The Taming of the Shit )

House cleaning part 3

Just who's bedroom is it, anyways? )

House cleaning part 2

Clash on the Big Bathroom )

House cleaning part 1

Cut to spare the boring details )

Jul. 3rd, 2008

More Joy Day - Baby Birdies

Sorry no pictures, but like any batch of beings that are basically five years old, they're not staying still long enough for my camera phone to get anything.

Apparently, every mother bird in the neighborhood dropped their kids off in my back yard, because I have counted about two DOZEN kidlet to teenaged birds of several different species flapping madly around my back yard. Sometimes they come up to the window and peek in. The baby mockingbirds are quite bold in this respect. The young cardinals are in their punk phase, crests bright red and sticking up while the rest is still brownish. The yard is full of attempts at song.

Life is good. :-)

May. 25th, 2008

Chore list

Broken down by room...

Kitchen )

Dining room )

Living room )

Bedroom )

Bathroom )

Office )

Other )

Yeah, it's a lot... between vacation and then being sick for the last week and a half, stuff's just piled up. :-p

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