Lynda Carter is my hero again

Lynda Carter was asked about Gov. Palin during an interview, and proceeded to throw down the total pwnage.

Money quote: What I hate is this demonization of everybody but one position. You’re un-American because you’re against the war. It’s such bullshit. Fear. It’s really such a finite way of thinking about God to think that your measley little mind can know the mind of God. It’s a very little God that way. I think that God’s bigger. I don’t presume to know his mind. Or her mind.


...I heart her so much. *shinyeyes*
it makes me sad that in the comments people are deriding her qualifications to speak on women's issues - no one seems to remember that her role was SHOCKING, even in the 70's. she had to put up with bashing for her character and costume from both the Steinem camp and the "barefoot and pregnant" camp. she came through strong, smiling and all woman - a huge victory in a tempestuous time. to belittle her as a dame in a costume.. feh.