can't think of a good subject

Would Demeter or some other harvest Goddess be one to thank for Grey Goose vodka? The bottle says it was distilled from French wheat, so I don't want to leave Anyone out of my thankfulness and praise.

PS: Why does the drunk emotion have a frowning/sad face to it? Drunk is happy. :-)


It couldn't hurt, although my first instinct as far as the Greek pantheon goes would be Bacchus...

Bacchus is for wine?

Bacchus is for wine tho, no?
How about Eris the goddess of chaos and discordia?

And the drunk emo should be happy, very most definitely.


Re: Bacchus is for wine?

He's sort of the god of overindulgence, I think. Wine's just the main drink-of-choice for the Greeks.
*joins you belatedly*
mm, Rum.
i agree, drunk is happy. way to fix is to select a happyfaced mood then type in the "user mood" box DrUnX0R or what you'd like to say to describe your condition. it keeps the image and displays your text.
... i'm not nearly drunk enough, obviously.