[info]jlsigman wrote
on February 11th, 2011 at 03:22 am

From Twitter 02-10-2011

  • 09:33:16: RT @thestate: Is DeMint running? Support is growing: http://bit.ly/ee2Muo #sctweets - I could get behind this, b/c instant Dem win in 2012
  • 10:20:30: RT @ochocinco: As players and owners we need to remember - The Fans are the bread n butter of the NFL or any sport for that matter.
  • 10:31:57: BREAKING: Mubarak will step down, hand power to military tonight - Reuters http://huff.to/egyptnews #Egypt #jan25 - This could be v. v. bad
  • 16:39:00: Oh shit, the VP of Egypt just called out Al-Jazeera #egypt #jan25
  • 19:21:45: RT @columbiasc: Can I get a RT if you think @columbiasc is #famouslyhot?! - Hell yeah! 70's by next week!
  • 19:42:17: @WeAreNFLFans Must you post every story 5 times? I'm about to unfollow because of spam like behavior.

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