Oh this is not good

I have Dissidia.

However, I cannot PLAY Dissidia because my second-hand PSP needs to be updated. The wireless is broken, and I don't have a memory stick.

I am denied the shiny!

UPDATE: It's updating from the disk!!!! Will have shiny soon!!
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...that's really bad. It happened to me when attempting to download FF7. But, you know, you're going to need the memory stick anyway to play the game.

It's weird, thought, the Japanese version of the game came with the firmware update. I know it because I ended up using my friend's Japanese copy of Dissidia to update my psp's firmware.

You can, however, update it via computer if you connect your psp to your pc with a usb cable. It might force you to download and install Media Go, the psp-interface program.
I may try again from the disc later... every time I tried to get it to start it said to charge the battery, even though I had it plugged in.

And if I need the memory stick anyways, I can just run to Best Buy tomorrow and get the stick and stick reader for the computer. Sony's webpage had instructions on how to update it that way as well.

I will have Dissidia tonight and I don't own a PSP yet. *feels your pain*
Well, that's one way to do it. ;-)
I remind myself I haven't finished FF4 yet. Or DQ4. Or started DQ5, come to that.

But I still must have the game NOW. Oh brain.
What a horrible fate! D:
Hah! Told you it came with an update! I remembered after going to bed that the psp asks for the battery to be fully for the firmware update.

Good gaming!^_____^ (And please take note how half the boys have a victory pose complete with butt and abs shots)

*marks another day off the calendar, goes back to playing Infinite Undiscovery. 9 days left 'til the Dissidia European release!*