So I willingly decend into insanity

I have decided to add to my life in a big way.

Buddy is a 9-year-old Maine Coon mix.

Joey is a 5-year-old pure bred Maine Coon.

Their current owner is a woman going through extreme health problems. She can no longer take care of them like they need (bathing, combing, even opening cans to feed them). Her family has said that they won't take the cats, meaning they'd be dropped off at the nearest shelter. We know how THAT would end...

So on Saturday I will drive to Knoxville, TN, to meet a woman who could be me in 30 years, and take her babies away from her. I don't think either one of us will come away without crying our eyes out. Then I'll drive home and start the long process of integrating them with the three already here.

I am thinking of what their new names will be, but I'll wait on announcing them until I meet them and am completely sure they fit.


omg i think i just cried a little. :(
So did I, when I finished the call with the poor woman.

We all have to help each other when we can.
I hope somebody takes my cats if I can't care for them! Because I would so do that for people. :(
Yeah, exactly.

*hugs back*
Oh, what beauties! And this is such a lovely thing you're doing. ::hugs::
Yeah, I just couldn't let them go... :-)
They're beautiful. I hope it works out for you.
Thanks. :-)
Best of luck, sweetie! It's not the easiest thing to bring two households-worth of cats together, but catnip liberally applied to the carpet can ease the process considerably. =^_^=
When I go to the pet store tonight I'm getting a ton of litter and a ton of catnip. Mom's giving me her rescue remedy. I'm determined. ;-)
They are so beautiful, and that is so sweet of you. ♥
Thanks. :-)