[info]jlsigman wrote
on January 16th, 2009 at 02:56 pm

American Life hates doughtnuts, or something

American Life is some anti-abortion group, and man have they got their panties in a bunch...

Krispy Kreme will be running a promotion (as they often do) on Inauguration Day, by offering a free doughnut of choice to every customer. "By doing so, participating Krispy Kreme stores nationwide are making an oath to tasty goodies -- just another reminder of how oh-so-sweet 'free' can be."

American Life says, "The unfortunate reality of a post Roe v. Wade America is that 'choice' is synonymous with abortion access, and celebration of 'freedom of choice' is a tacit endorsement of abortion rights on demand."


I can't make this shit up, people... I'm not that dumb, or narrow-minded, or something.

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