Lots of writing thinkings

Now that I've had a few days to ponder the two lists for [info]no_true_pair, I'm starting to trim things that I either don't feel like trying to write or can't think of good ways to fulfill the prompt.

For the Devil May Cry with OC list (which I'm considering my main list), here's the breakdown:
1st - Maria and Dante: It was a dark and stormy night--
--Mostly plotted in my head already.
6th - Nevan and Maria: an unexpected act of kindness
--Kindness for a demon =/= kindness to a human
9th - Cat and Dante, first impressions
--The main thing will be paring this down to less than a million words, I think
11th - Nevan and Maria: "Who do you think you are?"
--If this takes place when I think it should, then this will be chaotic in the extreme. The great thing about a lot of these prompts for Maria is that I can work them into the time line I have for this OC.
13th - Cat and Lady: "Well, I never saw that coming."
--"Was that supposed to blow up like that?"
14th - Dante and Nevan with the title, "One More for the Road"
--Written in my head, just need to type it out.
16th - Trish and Maria, eternal rivals!!!!
20th - Lady and Kyrie with the title, "A Wolf at the Door"
--I think I have the outline for this mostly drawn up in my head
23rd - Maria and Nero: "Don't give up now."
--Again, this could be epic, mainly because it might not make much sense without tons of backstory
5th - Nevan/Lady, intoxication
--If I have time, I think I can come up with something
8th - Kyrie and Maria with the title, "A Hope in Hell"
--I have a vague idea for this, even though they don't live at the same time
21st - Nero and Cat: "I'd hate to ruin the surprise."
--Maybe, but I'm not sure if this first situation I'm thinking of actually works

The rest are probably no, unless I get hit by a bolt of inspiration.

For the "Crossover is Crack" list, which will be worked when I need a break from the above:
1st - Prince and Sora: It was a dark and stormy night--
--I think it'll be fairly easy to have the Godwins use Heartless to try and take over
2nd - Rinoa rescues Robin from some kind of trouble
--Again, the similarities between these two will make this easy
7th - Rinoa and Fran have nothing left to lose
--Drop them into Kingdom Hearts, have them escaping from Hojo, all is good
11th - Nariko and Prince: "Who do you think you are?"
--Hidden Star of Destiny! ;-)
16th - Rinoa and Prince, eternal rivals!!!!
--High school AU, both are running for student body president. Can the school survive?
18th - Sora and Rinoa, gambling for interesting stakes
--Leon doesn't stand a chance with these two around
3rd - Himura Kenshin and Nariko: transformation of some kind (genderswitch? body swap? species shift?)
--I would love to try to do something with this. I'm leaving it in the back of my head, there's a kernel of an idea that vanishes when I try to look at it straight.
4th - Sora has amnesia -- does Sephiroth try to help, or take shameless advantage of the situation?
--I'm inspired by this picture, just not sure where to go with it exactly.
10th - Sephiroth and Fran with the title, "By Any Other Name"
--I think they'd work well together, it's just a question of getting them together.
13th - Robin and Sephiroth: "Well, I never saw that coming."
--This pairing works for me, just not sure how to work it with the prompt.
17th - Fran and Nariko, working together
--This much kick-ass femaleness deserves something...
20th - Sephiroth and Himura Kenshin with the title, "A Wolf at the Door"
--This makes me glee very much... might have to cheat a little and use Battosai Kenshin instead
26th - Nariko and Rinoa as the main characters in a fairy tale
--I've commented before that fairy tales are not my strong point, but if I have time I can try to find something where these two would work.

In other writing news, I'm basically late for everything this month. I'm not going to kill myself over it... either I'll get inspired and write it, or I won't. My apologies to the prompters and comms for letting anyone down.


Are you going to post links to the DMC ones? I'd like to read them when you finish them. :)
Oh yes, I'll be linking to everything. :-)