I was looking in the mirror a few minutea go

I'm getting gray hairs.


Oh well... maybe people will believe me when I tell them I'm 33 now. ;-)


This body is 24 and we have so many gray hairs that they're undeniable. But people still think we're like sixteen or something. SO GO FIGURE.

(The genetics say that we could have totally white hair by 30. Do not want.)

Right there with you -- a couple of years younger, but same boat. Been getting them since we were, like, 11. Good times. :D (Or should that be D: ?)
Mostly it just annoys me. I think we started getting them at 14, and it's been kind of nuts the amount of them we have now.




got plenty of gray hair over this election...will they turn back in 4 years when I'm happy again?
That sounds like my half-brother: he was getting gray hairs at 18, and now at 43 he's just about completely white haired. But he doesn't mind, since he's not bald like his father. ;-)
We've had gray hairs since we turned 24. They were there. At 35, we have a fair bit of white...yup, white. Our hair isn't coming in gray, it's coming in silver (much to the amusement of Yazuu and Kadaj and much to the dismay of many others *cough*Genesis*cough*).
Yes, I'm getting a lot of white and silver haired people pointing to other white and silver haired people going, "Wasn't me!"
I tried using my relatively new gray hairs (I think they're more silver, which suits me just fine) as an excuse not to have to dig my ID out at an extremely cramped dinner table this weekend. It didn't work.

My only silver haired muse, Loz, is insisting that it's not his fault, and muse!Reno hasn't been around enough to do it to me, so I'm blaming the sheer amount of Stupid at work.
...so I'm blaming the sheer amount of Stupid at work.
Yeah, this. *stabs work with a spork*